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How to budget
How much do you need?
If you’re not sure, make a note of how much you spend on your shopping for just one week, and see what it is. Its good to check receipts to see which items were expensive, and which were cheap. It will help you to make a more reasonably priced shopping list when you next shop. Make sure you include items from the nutrition section though. Luckily the main things you need are quite cheap, so you should still be able to eat healthily.

Spending more than you can afford?
Look at other ways of saving money, such as finding coupons to use, or make use of two-for-one offers. The supermarket’s own brand, or ‘value’ range will be a pleasant surprise in both the quality and the price. Maybe even try a cheaper supermarket; there are one or two well-known shops that specialise in budget foods.

Markets and seasonal shopping
If you have a local market, it is usually a good place to buy locally grown produce. Fruit and vegetables that are in season are always a cheap option.

Grow your own
If you’re lucky enough to have a small garden, you might want to plant your own vegetables. Be realistic about how much time you have and whether you’d enjoy digging! Grow herbs inside if it all seems too much, fresh herbs always taste better than dried herbs.

Planning ahead
Try to put aside money weekly for your food and bills. That way you won’t feel so guilty when you buy new clothes, or when you’re going out.

Credit cards
If it all starts to go wrong, take great care when using credit cards. They should only be used as a service, not as a bank. When the bill comes through pay it in time for the due date – otherwise you’ll miss the deadline for another month’s interest. Try to always pay it monthly in full. Otherwise it creeps up and spoils your future budgeting.

Use StudentNosh
Its usually cheaper and healthier to cook for yourself with fresh ingredients, than it is to eat out, or pay for a takeaway. One possible exception is a Sunday Lunch for one at some supermarket cafes, check it out and see what you think. If you’re cooking for more than one, Sunday Lunch is usually cheaper cooked at home.